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M.O.T Specialists

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Posted on by Daves Autos

Having your annual MOT can be a stressful time – hoping that your car passes and there are often many questions about the procedure and what you can fail on. Here at Dave’s Autos we often get asked similar question so we are aware of our customers concerns. We have compiled a list of these to help you out if you have a query about your upcoming MOT.

What Exactly is an MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport Test and is carried out on all cars, motorcycles and LGVs. The test makes sure that your vehicle meets the minimum standards of the law to be safe on the road, however it does not guarantee that the vehicle will be in a roadworthy state for the next 12 months.

What documents do I need to bring with me?

You don’t have to bring any documents with you as all the details we need for your vehicle will be located on the vehicle. It’s only in very rare cases that we might need to see the registration document but this is only in very unusual cases.

If I Lose My MOT Certificate Can I Get a Duplicate Copy?

Yes, if it was a vehicle last tested by us then you just need to call in and tell us the vehicle registration number. If it was not tested by us then you will need to bring in your V5 document and then we can print one for you. In both cases there is a charge for a duplicate M.O.T certificate.

Can I Bring My Car in Before the Date the MOT is Due?

Yes, you can have a vehicle tested any time however to keep the same anniversary date you can have it tested within 1 calendar month of the expiry date. For example if your expiry date was 21 December 2013, if you had the car tested 22 November 2013 and it passed the new expiry date would be 21 December 2014. A 13 month test certificate. If you brought it in before 22 November 2013 then the new test certificate will expire 1 year from date of issue.

When is My Car Eligible for its First MOT?

Every vehicle must be tested 3 years from the date of it’s first registration, which can be found on your V5 registration document, then annually. However, taxis, private hire cars and ambulances must be tested annually from the date of registration.

If you have any other questions about MOT testing in Leicestershire please contact us on 0116 253 8561 or pop in to our garage.