Covid-19 Update (Open for repairs & MOTs)

Your Essential Pre-MOT Checklist

Your annual MOT is not usually met by motorists with the warmest of welcomes, but it’s a vital part of owning a vehicle – as well as being a legal requirement, it’s the best way to ensure your car is running as it should and is safe to drive on the road. It can pick up a number of potentially serious problems (from issues with brakes to damaged suspension) that can be fixed to keep you safe, but a number … Read more

7 Common Reasons for an MOT Fail

As a vehicle owner, there are certain points in the year that you don’t particularly look forward to; the renewal of your insurance policy being one, the purchase of new tax being the second and the third, and arguably the least looked forward to, the MOT. Here at Dave’s Auto Services, we are experts when it comes to completing MOTs on a range of different vehicles, so are well placed to inform you of some of the most common reasons … Read more