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As a vehicle owner, there are certain points in the year that you don’t particularly look forward to; the renewal of your insurance policy being one, the purchase of new tax being the second and the third, and arguably the least looked forward to, the MOT. Here at Dave’s Auto Services, we are experts when it comes to completing MOTs on a range of different vehicles, so are well placed to inform you of some of the most common reasons for an MOT fail so you can get something done about it before the test;

Issue One: Tyres

Tyres are one of the most common causes of an MOT fail, mainly due to damage or illegal tread depth.

Issue Two: Brakes

As one of the most important features of your vehicle, your brakes need to be in full working order. Common reasons for failing an MOT due to brake related problems include the discovery of excessive wear or unusual wear patterns.

Issue Three: Suspensions

Suspension problems can be pricy to fix, yet issues in this area are a common reason for the failure of your vehicle’s MOT test.

Issue Four: Windscreens

As a driver, you need a clear view of the road ahead of you so if this is obscured by a chip or a crack in the windscreen, you can be pretty certain that this will lead to an MOT fail if not remedied before the test.

Issue Five: Lights

On a similar theme to windscreens, you need to be able to see where you are going at night, so any issues with lights can cause a fail. The direction of headlights, faulty brake lights and broken indicators will all have you paying for a re-test.

Issue Six: Number Plates

It is a legal requirement to have your number plate clearly visible at all times, so an excessively damaged number plate, at the front or rear of your vehicle, will result in an MOT fail.

Issue Seven: Exhaust Systems

The final fault on this list relates to your exhaust system, with noisy exhausts a common reason for an MOT fail. Additional problems in this area include advanced corrosion of the system, missing silencer baffles and loose or missing mountings for the exhaust.

Hopefully this post has opened your eyes to some of the common reasons for failing an MOT so you can have the necessary work completed prior to the test. When the time comes to book your car in for its annual MOT, make Dave’s Auto Services your number one choice for a reliable service that ensures every area of your vehicle is thoroughly tested.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    Potentially, but it depends on how excessive the scouring is. If the scouring is deep and the disks are starting to lose curvature/shape then the brake disks can be weakened; which may cause the vehicle to fail it’s MOT.

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