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TerraClean Service Leicester

At Dave’s Auto Services we offer a full TerraClean cleaning service for both petrol and diesel cars in Leicester area.

Why We Use TerraClean…

Over time, as fuel passes through your vehicle, you will begin to build up deposits of carbon in your engine. This is due to the way that common fuels are blended – naturally some of the fuel does not completely combust and elements of it are left behind in the vehicle.

As these carbon deposits increase in size they start to cause minor blockages and change the environment in which your fuel is processed. This impacts the performance of your combustion chambers, exhaust ports and catalytic converters. Eventually this carbon build up can effect more crucial elements such as the pressure in your fuel injection mechanisms.

As these parts of your vehicle deteriorate in performance, you will begin to notice a negative effect on the engine efficiency, as the fuel is now burning in a dirty environment


How It Works

TerraClean goes through a two stage process to remove your carbon build up and improve your engine’s efficiency. Firstly, your injection system and inlet valves are cleaned to greatly improve your vehicle’s fuel pressure.

Then a new type of fuel called aliphatic only fuel, is passed through the engine to turn carbon deposits from a sticky liquid into a vapour which we can then push out of your engine.

The process differs slightly between petrol and diesel cars, however both engine types suffer from carbon build up and can highly benefit from a TerraClean service.

Our TerraClean service improves  your fuel efficiency and the effectiveness of your vehicle’s engine. Get in touch on 0116 253 8561 to arrange your next clean.

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