Covid-19 Update (Open for repairs & MOTs)

Your annual MOT is not usually met by motorists with the warmest of welcomes, but it’s a vital part of owning a vehicle – as well as being a legal requirement, it’s the best way to ensure your car is running as it should and is safe to drive on the road.

It can pick up a number of potentially serious problems (from issues with brakes to damaged suspension) that can be fixed to keep you safe, but a number of areas are tested which you can check and fix yourself at home.

Our latest article runs through five of the most common and easiest to fix areas on your MOT test.

1. Headlights, Rear Lights & Indicators

Not all lights are tested as part of the MOT test, but it’s still vital that you check all of them for your safety as well as the test. Check your sidelights, headlights full beam fog lights, front and rear indicators, break lights and reversing lights (look for a reflection in your rear windscreen or have someone check) as well as your rear fog lights. Any damaged or non-working bulbs can easily be replaced at home and are relatively inexpensive to buy.

2. Wheels & Tyres

Always check your wheels and tyres for any signs of damage, and keep an eye out for cuts or bulges on the tyres themselves. The legal minimum tread depth for your tyres is 1.6mm over the central three quarters of the tyre – you can get a measuring tool relatively cheaply from a garage or specialist shop. You should also look out for uneven wear of the tread as this can indicate issues with wheel alignment or brakes.

3. Windscreen & Wipers

Scratches, cracks and chips in your windscreen are not just irritating – they’re unsafe and can potentially result in an MOT fail. Any damage over 40mm in size and/or 10mm in width over the swept area of the windscreen in front of the driver is enough to cause a fail. You should also check the condition of both your front and rear windscreen wipers – damage to the rubber, such as tears and holes, can also result in a failure.

4. Screenwash Fluid

It sounds so insignificant, but without fluid readily available you may not be able to clear anything from your windscreen which could impair your ability to see the road ahead – that’s why an empty washer bottle can result in an MOT fail. Be sure to check it and, if necessary, top it up yourself ahead of the MOT test.

5. Horn

Quick, easy and (if we’re honest) fun to check – just give your horn a quick blast to check it’s working properly. If there are any issues with it not working or working improperly, then you’ll need to bring this up ahead of your test – this can then be dealt with and replaced/repaired.

With these tips in mind, when you’re ready to get your car tested simply call us here at Dave’s Autos today on 01162 538561 and we’ll get you booked in. With years of experience testing vehicles, you can trust us to get your car back on the road.

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